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Standard planetary gearboxes 

Standard planetary gearboxes with abbility to transimt up to 25.000 Nm of torque. Ratio ranges from 3 to over 3000. Flange or foot mounted , in-line or right angle. Many input and output configurations. Driven by electric or hydrualic motor – adapters for every model.




High torque planetary system offering power transmision up to 1 mln of torque.

Slewing Drive

Slewing drive 

Slewing drive ended with specialy bearing pinion. Avalibility of many pinons to choose. Usully equiped with negative brake. Mostly used for winch drives, machine slew system, traverses

Napęd kół i gąsienic

Track and wheel drive

Track, wheel and pump drive 

Track and wheel drive with purpose for vehicles. With or without hydraulic motors.

Winch drives

Winch and elevator drive. 

Rotating housing can be built direct in the drum and many of sea standarts(viton seals, epoxy paint) make them ideal for marine and offshore applications.

Winches  – hoisting and pulling. Devices are based on planetary system. Can be built according to your needs : tension sensor , manual , hydraulic or pneumatic disengage.

Napędy pomp

Pomp drives

Pump drives 

Pump drives can drive three pumps simultanesly and up to 480 kW.